Peter Gabriel – Solsbury Hill



I have always enjoyed Peter Gabriel and this is one of my favorites of his. I like the ease of the song. It always reminds me of late Summer or very early Fall for some reason. One last boat ride on the lake… A first kiss at the end of the Summer from the girl you have been working up the courage all break to talk to… It is that kind of song for me. What about you; What does this song bring to mind?





Young the Giant – Cough Syrup



I heard the acoustic version of this song first and loved it. Thank you Sirius/XM Coffeehouse channel… You are the bestest!! I also caught a Storytellers, Unplugged or one of those type of shows on Palladia. I like their sound and the vibe I get from them as a group. Here’s to them hitting it big this year!!





Al Green – Let’s Stay Together



It is a rainy, lazy Sunday and for some reason I have had this song running through my head all day. I thought I would share. Everybody needs a little Al Green every now and again.





Ruby Sparks



Good cast with an interesting plot. A young writer (Paul Dano) is having trouble breaking through the wall so he creates a female character. He creates a woman then wills her into existence. From Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, the duo who directed ‘Little Miss Sunshine’, they create what looks like to me another excellent work of art. I know I will line up to see this.




A Bag of Hammers



I really like Jason Ritter. In this film he plays one of two “going nowhere” types who finally start to grow up when they decide to take in a neglected kid. This movie looks endearing and has the potential for lots and lots of heart. Another reason to love indie movies.





Hotel Transylvania



What if Dracula owns a swanky hotel? And what if that hotel was for supernatural beings? Also ponder the fact he has a teenage daughter… What if a human boy finds his way to this hotel and falls for Dracula’s daughter? And all of this was animated… And Adam Sandler was the voice of Dracula… Interested? Yeah, me too… Too many questions for one post and not enough answers? Maybe… but they were mostly rhetorical anyway…





Today is a Special Day…



On this day, many moons ago, my sinister looking cohort sprung forth from his biological prison that had held him for as long as it could.


In celebration of that auspicious day, we raise our glasses of Ireland’s finest, sing a joyous Gaelic ditty and toast the man, the myth, the legend that is Scuzz.


Happy Birthday my friend. Know that you are and will always be loved.



5 Or More… Coming of Age Movies



A ‘Coming of Age’ movie usually takes place over the summer, there is a group of kids going on or going through some sort of adventure or tragedy which brings them closer or brings them to some sort of life decision. A lot of the time there is a first love or first kiss involved or another first…
For me they always give me that deep down longing for a simpler time. A wish for the carefree trappings of youth. Despite any tragic events that may occur they are, and will remain, the a-typical feel good films to me.
Here is a list, in no particular order, of my favorite Coming of Age Movies.



God Bless America…. And Bobcat Goldthwait

By Scuzz



I think Bobcat Goldthwait is an interesting actor, writer and director. And guess what? He has a new movie coming out! God Bless America is a movie about a man fed up with our current society. When told he is going to die, loses his job and his daughter disowned him he decides to kill himself. Just before he does a reality tv show comes on and he decides to go on a killing spree taking out people who deserve to die. This movie is not out yet but you can watch it before it is in theatres through a couple of different media options. I did and I enjoyed the dialog and movie immensely.

Red Band Trailer (RBT is the R-rated NSFW type of trailer. You have been warned!)





Todd Rundgren – Hello It’s Me



One of the big mysteries in life, for me anyway, is how and why I wake up with certain songs in my head. Most of the time I can figure them out; A line on the TV will spark a song or I absorb a song that was playing on the radio while I slept. But it is mornings like today I am just puzzled. Didn’t have the radio on last night, didn’t have the TV on and I haven’t watched Duets in a long time. So why in the world do I have this song stuck in my head? To quote a not to wise owl “The world may never know.”





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