On the Road



This is an adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s seminal work. It looks perfectly stylized to the time period and could be pretty good. They got some decent talent to act in it. Might be worth a shot.





The Nerdist Podcast – Brent Spiner



This is by far my favorite podcast out there and this episode is fantastic. Brent Spiner is wonderfully funny and very engaging. This ranks towards the top of my favorite episodes of The Nerdist Podcast. You should check it out!


The Nerdist Podcast – Brent Spiner



Hyde Park On The Hudson



About the only thing I need to say about this movie is: Bill Murray plays Franklin D. Roosevelt. Yep, that is happening. Yes Please! This could be a real good surprise…





The Melancholy Fantastic



You have no idea how much I hate dolls. Dolls of any type, shape or form… that said… this looks interesting. But it will FREAK ME OUT… And the music in the trailer… *shudders*








Bond… James Bond… This is the 23rd installment in the series and will be released, in this, the year of the franchise’s 50th anniversary. This is Daniel Craig’s 3rd turn in the tuxedo. This can be called the miracle movie. After months and months of delays and uncertainty because of studio bankruptcy there was serious doubt that they would be able to make the film. With all of that now in the past they have better made a masterpiece; anything less might really kill the series for a while.


With that said, the trailer looks fantastic. I can’t wait to see the movie. I’ve enjoyed having Daniel Craig hold the 007 moniker and the license to kill. The dude is smooth.





5 Or More… End Of School Movies



Doctor Potter mortar board

Doctor Potter mortar board

Graduations are happening all across the country which got me to thinking of my favorite movies about the end of school. Both college and high school students are ending one school year and either looking forward to the next or starting a new life away from academia. Whatever the case may be, summer is coming which brings some well-deserved freedom. Freedom to watch a movie or have an adventure of your own!
Here is a list, in no particular order, of my favorite End Of School Movies.




Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding



The fish out of water story; NYC lawyer, hippie mother, throw in a couple of teenagers, a farm and there you have it! Plus it looks like it has a heart to it. A movie with heart is a good thing.





Hit and Run



Kristen Bell is adorable… That said, this looks like it could be entertaining. I am sure I will check it out in August.





Carpenters – Rainy Days And Mondays



I thought this was a bit fitting for today. Karen Carpenter had such a hauntingly beautiful voice. It is a voice that is, for me anyway, very comforting. Take some comfort in it today if you can.





Thomas Nicholas Band



Thank you Twitter for this. I woke up today and I had a new follower on Twitter. It was none other than Thomas Ian Nicholas! Yes that Thomas Ian Nicholas from the American Pie movies, Rookie Of The year, Party of Five… Come to find out there is much more to the man than what I knew.


The talent runs deep in this one. He is a singer, songwriter and plays guitar. I went to his website and started watching the music videos his band has done. I really dig the sound. Lyrically they are well crafted songs and I know I want to hear more. I think you will too!!


Thomas you have a new fan.



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