I’ve been hearing about this movie for some time. The story is exactly what you think it is; Kids dog dies and the kid decides to bring him back Frankenstein’s Monster style. Beyond the story I really like the style choice to go with black and while. I am always leery of Tim Burton movies but I will give this one a try.








This movie, regardless of how good it is or anything else, will always be known as, the last movie Whitney Houston made.


With that out of the way… I have to say it looks really good. It’s a period movie set in the 1960’s when girl groups were all the rage. The story surrounds a group of sisters who can sing… boy they can sing. The get discovered and are soon the toast of the town. All the while their mother, played by Ms. Houston, warns them of the perils of the business they are getting into. She was once where they are and knows the rocket rise isn’t as fast as the meteoric fall back down to Earth.


With the talents of Whitney, Jordin Sparks, Tika Sumpter, Carmen Ejogo and my man Cee-Lo belting out some fantastic new tunes, I know the soundtrack will be stellar. I would venture a guess that at least one will be nominated come Academy time.





For a Good Time, Call…



10 years after college two women who were not the best of friends find themselves as roommates in NYC. Money is makes us all do interesting things at times. For these two, in order to pay their bills, they start a phone sex business. Once enemies soon become friends, bills get paid, wackiness and fun is had. The movie is written by Katie Anne Naylon and Lauren Miller who also stars alongside Justin Long and Ari Graynor (Fringe) and looks to have a few solid laughs.


(This is the RED BAND trailer. You have been warned…)





The Newsroom



With Sorkin’s pedigree and they keep true to the pilot episode, this show is going to go places. There is no doubt Aaron Sorkin wrote the pilot episode because all the trademarks are there; the walk and talk, quick dialog, smart characters…


The show takes place in the fictional news studio of ACN. It is a competing cable news channel with one of the top anchors, Jeff Daniels, as its star. He is publicly likeable but privately a bit hard to get along with…. Ok, ok, ok… he’s an ass. In the opening scene he let that side out which earned him a little vacation. Upon his return nearly his entire staff has been poached for a new up and coming anchor who is taking over a prime slot in the nightly lineup. His boss, the talented Sam Waterston, also informs him that he rehired Daniels old Executive Producer whom he has a romantic history. Fireworks fly about as high as the tension but all is proven a good fit when a big news story breaks and the new team works to put together an on-the-fly broadcast.


That’s the bones of it. The show had me from Will McAvoy’s (Jeff Daniels) diatribe during the event he was part of at Northwestern. What a great speech. That got me hooked but it was the characters that started to reel me in. They are well thought out and have excellent depth. What landed me was how they pulled together and executed the live news broadcast. Having worked in that field in different capacities, I know what it takes to go live with a breaking story like the one they had in the show. The measure of a great newscaster is their ability to work on the fly in those moments. When they pan around to reveal the teleprompter where the only word on it was [VAMP] hit home for me. They were flying blind and how they portrayed all of that was excellent. This show is now set to ‘Series Record’ on my DVR. You should check it out.


Here is part of the opening scene… Enjoy… (NSFW… There is a bit of language.)





Taken 2



The first film wasn’t bad; Liam Neeson was a bad ass. And that speech he had on the phone will go down in cinematic history as one of the best. But did we need a sequel? Mel Brooks as Yogurt in Spaceballs: The Movie said it best when he said “Spaceballs 2: The Quest For More Money”. That is what every sequel is in search of; the big payday. Some hit, some don’t. With this one it just might. You take the premise from the original and flip the script. This time his daughter has to rescue him and his wife. It looks like they upped the action and thrills factor for this one. Besides it has the stunning Maggie Grace, that’s worth the price of admission right there 🙂





Higlander is Getting a Reboot.. But…..



The idea of Highlander being rebooted/reimagined has been kicking around Hollywood for some time now. The powers that be, in this case Lionsgate, have now officially green lit the project. They have signed on Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later, Intruders) to sit in the director’s chair. They have tasked Art Marcum, Matt Holloway (Iron Man) and Melissa Rosenberg (Twilight: Breaking Dawn) to pen the new venture. But the big question is: Who will don the kilt and be Connor MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod? The powers answer to this question….


Ryan Reynolds…. SCHWAAAA?


Don’t get me wrong. I like Ryan. He seems like a loveable guy. He is charming, witty and undeniably a good looking dude… but for this role… I am skeptical. And the last time I was this skeptical about him being cast in something, Green Lantern happened. He was ok, but he was not the right choice for Hal Jordan and I really question him as the choice for Connor MacLeod.


Kevin McKidd would make a fantastic Highlander… mostly because he is one… Not a mythical human who fights for ‘The Prize’ but no, an actual Scotsman. I would love to see him play that role. But it doesn’t look like that will happen. It should… but it won’t.


Now what does this mean for Deadpool, the role that Ryan is actually right for? From what I have read, it doesn’t look good for the snarky superhero. Not good at all. This is sad; because when I heard they were making that movie I was excited. Now the likelihood of Deadpool seeing the light of day is slim to none and I think I see slim buying a train ticket for a different destination.






Oh Bahghouly, you madcap. What wacky hijinks are you up too now? Still into consuming the souls of children…? Of course you are… It’s kinda your thing.





Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law



I get the dumbest things stuck in my head. Ok, dumb isn’t the right word… Strange… Yeah, that’s more like it. I get the strangest things stuck in my head. One of the more unique things to grace my brain is the theme song for ‘Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law’.


If you are unfamiliar with the show, you should get familiar. It is quite droll and entertaining. Its about Harvey Birdman, a lower tier superhero who becomes a lawyer. It uses the Hanna-Barbera stable of cartoon characters as defendants, plaintiffs, lawyers and judges. It stars the voice talents of the fantastic Gary Cole as the title character, thee Stephen Colbert plays his boss Phil Ken Sebben, John Michael Higgins, Peter MacNicol, Maurice LaMarche, Phil LaMarr, Thomas Allen, and the BEAUTIFUL and wonderfully talented Paget Brewster lend their voices… the list continues on for miles.


If you are thinking of checking out the show, and you should, watch season 1 episode 6 “The Dabba Don”. It is a spoof of The Sopranos. They even spoof their opening credits. It is brilliant. And doesn’t just go to black in the middle of a Journey song…


Here is the Opening from “The Dabba Don” episode.





Here is the original Opening theme and the one that gets stuck in my head. It is damn catchy…





Lovely Molly



I have never been a big fan of the hand held, shaky camera style and this movie is from the originators of that style. Yep, you got it. This is made by the folks who brought us ‘The Blair Witch Project’. They are claiming that they are reinventing the horror genre again. I guess we will see about that.


As far as the plot of this one goes… The titular character, Molly, inherits the house she grew up in after her father passes away. Molly and her new hubby move in to the country home, soon after, she starts to go batty. We don’t know if it is ghosts, spirits or just Molly losing her own faculties. If I had to venture a guess I would go with option three. I would say the twist is she is just crazy. But one never knows.








This is a remake or reimagining (which is the buzz word that’s all the craze in Hollywood) of the Sly Stallone and Rob Schneider flick from 1995. They both share a common story; Dystopian future where the po-po act as judge, jury and executioner. Both movies are based off the British sci-fi anthology ‘2000 AD’ which made its debut in 1977 and was written by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra with help from Pat Mills.


While the Sly version adopts a comic book style the new Karl Urban adaptation has a much grittier, realistic graphic novel thing going on. It has potential so we will have to see if it can out play the original.





Here is a look at the original Sylvester Stallone version.





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