Pitch Perfect



I can’t say this next statement enough: I REALLY WANT TO SEE THIS! Holy crap on a cracker I want to see this. Seriously… I want to see this… Did I mention I want to see this? Why you ask?


The movie is about rival a cappella groups who have been at war. A rebellious girl (The stunningly beautiful Anna Kendrick) joins one of the groups and helps push them to the top. The list of talent in this film is pretty long but I have a feeling that Aussie actress Rebel Wilson might just have her breakout role.


If you need more reason to see this, it stars the unendingly talented and beautiful Anna Camp. Still not enough? How about the wonderful Alexis Knapp..? John Michael Higgins? Yeah… Thought that might push it over the top. And I didn’t even have to mention Elizabeth Banks… although I feel like I really should.





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