Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law



I get the dumbest things stuck in my head. Ok, dumb isn’t the right word… Strange… Yeah, that’s more like it. I get the strangest things stuck in my head. One of the more unique things to grace my brain is the theme song for ‘Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law’.


If you are unfamiliar with the show, you should get familiar. It is quite droll and entertaining. Its about Harvey Birdman, a lower tier superhero who becomes a lawyer. It uses the Hanna-Barbera stable of cartoon characters as defendants, plaintiffs, lawyers and judges. It stars the voice talents of the fantastic Gary Cole as the title character, thee Stephen Colbert plays his boss Phil Ken Sebben, John Michael Higgins, Peter MacNicol, Maurice LaMarche, Phil LaMarr, Thomas Allen, and the BEAUTIFUL and wonderfully talented Paget Brewster lend their voices… the list continues on for miles.


If you are thinking of checking out the show, and you should, watch season 1 episode 6 “The Dabba Don”. It is a spoof of The Sopranos. They even spoof their opening credits. It is brilliant. And doesn’t just go to black in the middle of a Journey song…


Here is the Opening from “The Dabba Don” episode.





Here is the original Opening theme and the one that gets stuck in my head. It is damn catchy…





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