Cloud Atlas



I have been hearing mutterings about this movie for some time now. Its an interesting story that is based off of David Mitchell’s bestselling novel of the same name. In its basic form the movie shows how different people can impact the past, present and future. The pedigree of the writers and directors (Tom Tykwer the brains behind ‘Run Lola Run’ plus Andy Wachowski & Lana Wachowski… Of course the writers and directors of the Matrix [I do not claim the 2nd and 3rd movies]) you know the action and technology will be second to none.


That brings us to the cast of the film… Holy star power… I believe they have even cast famous kitchen sinks in this one. But as we all know that doesn’t mean the movie will be awesome… Golden compass anyone? But, and this is a HUGE but, It has Tom Hanks. Historically he has a near perfect record of choosing good films. I hope this is one of that ginormous percentage.





British Invasion



I am a bit under the weather. I have been for the last few days. I have an affliction I get every couple of years which is called “Olympic Fever”. I am a huge sports nerd on top of everything else and every two years I end up glued to my TV flipping between events. My favorite event is in the Winter Olympics… and that event is Curling.


Anyway, I digress…


Since the Summer Games are in London I thought I would devote this ‘Music Monday’ to some infectious British tunes of days gone by. Infectious to me anyway…. take a listen and enjoy!!



The Awakening



WWI has just ended and the whole of England is trying to recover from the tremendous loss and are in a perpetual state of grieving. At one boarding school, where a majority of the students are now orphans, there seems to be an unexplainable phenomenon going on. There have been sightings of a ghost child haunting the halls of the school. Officials there enlist the help of ghost hunter/hoax exposer Florence Cathcart (played by the wonderful and talented Rebecca Hall). She is the biggest skeptic around thus why she is hell bent on proving that spirits and ghost don’t exist. But her trip to Rookford and her time at Cumbria seriously shake her diehard opposition to the existence of things that go bump in the night.


Watch the trailer… Holy hibijibis!!!! I hope this can refresh the “this creepy place is haunted” genre of films. From the looks of the trailer it has a chance.





[REC]³ Génesis



This is the third in the line of films about a zed type virus being unleashed. The first two were contained within an apartment building but in this one, it has gotten out and made its way to a couples’ happiest day…. Well, it was supposed to be anyway. They instead end up hacking up a majority of their guests and have to contend with a blood-thirsty horde. With some twists and turns it ties together the first two films and sets up the future 4th and final movie.





The Sessions



This is a fictional adaption of the Academy Award winning short documentary ‘Breathing Lessons: The Life and Work of Mark O’Brien’. Mark was a journalist and poet who had polio as a child and spent a majority of his time in an iron lung. The documentary took a look at his spiritual struggle coping with his disability whereas the fictional film deals with his desire to lose his virginity. He seeks council from his priest and his therapist who eventually refers him to a sex surrogate. The main arc of the movie deals with the relationship that develops between Mark (John Hawkes) and Cheryl (Helen Hunt) and how she helps him find his way.





The Day



Set in a post-apocalyptic world where a small group have banded together to survive, this fill shows us the hell that they must go through to survive just one 24 hour period. They have been running but you can never run fast or far enough. They have to fight…. And boy, do they do some fighting. The clips of the action sequences look excellent. Also with WWE Films picking up the distribution rights in the US for this film, bodes well for the full on action it hints at. The cast too looks good with several excellent young, up and comers with a few good films under their belts. This movie has some promise.





The Sundays



I’ve heard this group a few times on Sirius’ Coffee House channel and didn’t put it together that this was the alt band from the early 90’s. I really like lead singer Harriet Wheeler’s voice and she is stunningly beautiful (BONUS!). The Brit Alt Rock band got its start in the late 80’s releasing only three albums before they took a break from music to focus on family. That break started in the late 90’s and goes on still. They packed some great music into those three albums. It really epitomized the alt rock sound of that era… alt rock with a female lead anyway. I do wish they would have gotten little more attention, their music is good. I know I love it.



Craig Ferguson



I have always loved this guy. He has a great sense of humor and that “I don’t give a sh*t” attitude…. He has an ease about him that is very inviting. He plays up the creepy old man shtick with a nice knowing wink to the audience. I am a fan… A big fan.


Then last night he earned my total respect. He had taped his show the day before, like many shows do, and in his monologue he of course was talking about the big movie release of the week; The Dark Knight Rises. Because of the senseless tragedy that happened at the theater in Aurora, Mr. Ferguson took it upon himself to nix the original opening and monologue and replaced it with a heartfelt soliloquy. He put his heart on his sleeve and reached out to those who have been affected by this atrocity.


Craig Ferguson you have had a fan in me for some time but you now have a deeply devoted fan for life. You sir are a true class act and should be commended for your actions. Thank you.





Written By A Kid



This is a new web series over at Geek & Sundry and it is adorable! They bring in kids, ask them to tell a story, and then they bring that story to life. The first episode has just debuted and it is quite enjoyable. They brought in Dave Foley, Kate Micicci and Joss Whedon to act out the haunting tale ‘Scary Smash’.  Give it a watch and enjoy the cute adorableness!





Alex Cross



New York Times bestselling author James Patterson’s character Alex Cross gets a refresh from the older version Morgan Freeman played to this new younger version played by Tyler Perry. If you don’t know who Tyler Perry is you have to have been living in a hovel on a mountain in Kunlun mountain range. He has a huge following so that will help the opening of this film. Along with the change of actor in the titular role, they have amped up the action in this one. It looks pretty exciting. Matthew Fox plays the main baddy in this one and he looks pretty creepy. Also it has the stunning Rachel Nichols and one of my favorite actors, John C. McGinley. I might have to give this one a chance… as long as they can promise Tyler won’t don a dress.





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