Dr. Hook



When I was a young lad I had someone who I looked up to a whole lot for many different things; and that person was my brother-in-law. I still do look up to him oodles and oodles but as chitlins, we are very impressionable. When someone we look up to and admire says “You need to listen to this. These guys are my favorite.” Well you damn sure pay pretty close attention to what they play. For some reason, this time, I REALLY took to what he was saying.

He pulled out an LP, loaded it on his stereo and dropped the needle. What came out of the speakers was pure AM gold. I latched on to Dr. Hook and let them reel me in. I instantly loved their sound which all was compounded by the fact it was someone who I really idolized was sharing this with me.


I lost touch with Dr. Hook for a good many years. Sadly years that one never can get back, but you somehow try and make up for lost time. You dive back in head first; like I did. I started to explore their songs and now that I am older, really listen to what they were saying. Perspective is a great thing. Having blindly loved something as a child because someone you cared about loved it is one thing. But to now go back and rekindle a burning ember from your past and make it into a roaring fire that you now can control is a whole different story. I now understand why he loved this music. I hope you will enjoy it too… and maybe, juuuuuust maybe, I can fan a flame inside a few of you.



Sylvia’s Mother


One of the reasons I love these guys so much is the grit and feeling they pour into every one of their songs. When they sing it and you hear it, you know it comes from a deep place. It is as if they are sharing a piece of their soul with you… that they are putting themselves out there for you and everyone to see.







And for those reason stated above is why the other songs they perform are so lighthearted and just plain fun. It is the yin and yang of who Dr. Hook is.





Only Sixteen





A Little Bit More


This is one of the best love songs ever written and performed.





Years From Now


This is in the top few of greatest love songs as well….





When You’re In Love With A Beautiful Woman





You Make My Pants Want To Get Up And Dance


Seriously… How can you not smile when you hear this song?   🙂





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