I remember reading the news story that this was based on. When I read it I thought “Why in the Hell would you follow such explicit directions from someone over the phone who ‘claims’ to be a police officer? Police don’t conduct business like that. Why did these people comply?” I guess it can be explained by the Milgram Experiment.


It was a set of social experiments conducted by Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram in the early 60’s. His initial goal was to see if Adolf Eichmann and other Nazis had a sense of morality but were just following orders despite the violation of their personal moral structure. To say the experiments were controversial would be an understatement. If you are curious about these experiments you should read the Wiki. It’s interesting.


From a few reviews I have read, people who have watched the film, they say it is fairly graphic and they were not able to stomach watching the film all the way through… but they go on to say the acting is top notch. I think the subject matter is what they can’t take and it is made all too real by the wonderful acting. I know I am curious to see how they put this story to film. Count me in.





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