The Impossible



Two heavy hitters (Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts) head this film which is based on actual events in 2004. A family on vacation in Southeast Asia caught the brunt of the devastating tsunami that hit the area. Once the water receded, the family of 5 was separated into two and three. The bulk of the movie is the struggle of trying to get back together and not knowing if the others are still alive.






About Cherry



Not gonna sugar coat this one at all… no need to… this one is about porn. It is a well done story about the porn industry, but it is still about porn. With Heather Graham, James Franco and Dev Patel (Who I LOVE in ‘Newsroom’) playing second fiddle to the star Ashley Hinshaw, I believe this might get some serious awards buzz.  It looks interesting.








Eric Bana plays a man who robs a casino and then goes on the run with his sister, played by Olivia Wilde. All this takes place up in the North Country, in the winter, whereas most of you know is gets bloody cold, snowy and icy. In their haste to make it to the Canadian border they hit a patch of the afore mentioned ice, lost control and put the vehicle in the ditch. A patrolman happens by and gets a bullet in his brain for his trouble.





My #newtoWho Story



BBC America has a fun initiative to introduce a new generation to the wonderful sci fi series Doctor Who. In this initiative they ask the fans of the show to tweet about their first experience with The Doctor and some of their favorite moments. They are to then tag said tweets with #newtoWho. All this is a lead up to the next season of the show that starts this week. Since I am a big fan of the series and I have this forum to spew out my opinions about things, I figured I would throw my fez into the ring. So what follows is my first account of watching the show and a smattering of some of my favorite moments. This is my story. (more…)

Mary Beth Maziarz




I have Dawson’s Creek to thank for the discovery of Mary Beth Maziarz. One of the best things about the original versions of the TV show was the music it used and how well it fit with the mood and storylines. They did a great job finding the right song for each moment. And it is one of the reasons why I was upset with the DVD release of the show. Due to copyright issues, they weren’t able to use a significant amount of the original songs so they either replaced the original or cut the scene altogether. If they wouldn’t have done what they did, the cost of each DVD would have been spendy… but I, like most, would have paid the extra cash to retain the original soundtrack.


Back to the artist at hand… (more…)

Arabella Jones



I am all for giving young artists a shot. So when I saw I had a new follower on Twitter I had to check them out. (more…)

Chris Cornell – Billie Jean



Chris Cornell could sing the phone book and I would line up to listen to it. The man has that something in his voice, where you know he has lived a life, a life full of passion, pain and everything else. Johnny Cash was another such voice. You listen to them and you know they have felt everything.


What Cornell did to Michal Jackson’s mega pop hit off the ‘Thriller’ album is beautiful. Cornell’s version on his 2007 ‘Carry On’ record is good, but his live acoustic version is close to perfection. He stripped away all of the pop elements and darkened the mood of the entire piece. He gave an already well written song a deeper form and a deeper substance. He wills you to believe every word he sings. It goes near the top of, if not thee top of, the list of best cover songs of all time. I love it.








I am a fan of the absurd, screwball, concept comedy. The premise of this is fantastic. Man in Iowa has a talent for carving butter. His wife is the overly ambitious sort with big plans and dreams. Man wants some strange on the side. Wife finds out, goes bananas on stripper. They all try to best each other in the annual butter carving contest. Oh and throw in an orphan butter carving savant.


This looks very funny and is headlined by some hugely talented and stupidly beautiful people…. Rob Corddry, I’m talking about you man… And of course Olivia Wilde, Jennifer Garner, Hugh Jackman, Alicia Silverstone… that is a lot of names. I will keep an eye out for this one.





Bullet To The Head



This is based on Alexis Nolent’s graphic novel from France ‘Du Plomb Dans La Tete’ which, when translated means ‘Bullet To The Head’. In the film Sly plays a hitman whose partner is killed and he sets out to get revenge on the men who did it. On the way he teams up with a cop who had his own partner die at the hands of the same crew.


Now Mr. Stallone has done some great films in his day; Rocky, First Blood, The Expendables, Tango & Cash etc… But this one looks like it could be his opus. It has some great lines. It has some great fight scenes. And I know Sly will bring that swagger that only he can bring. The kicker to all of this… The man is 66! I wish I looked a 10th as good as he does at 66 now! Kids, that body is what hard work and dedication look like. I need to find some of that.





The Last Stand



Arnie is back in this, his first above the title credit, since getting out of the governor’s chair. He takes on the role of Ray Owens a now small town sheriff. Owens had been in the LAPD but left after a bad set of circumstances and mistakes that left his partner crippled. He has settled into what he thought was going to be a quiet little boarder town where his biggest problem was going to be making sure the high school kids didn’t stay out past curfew. And that was really how things were going until a call comes from the FBI warning Owens that some men from a Mexican drug cartel had broken out of a prison transport and were headed through his town. Owen and his ragtag collection of under qualified coppers is the only thing standing in the way of the Cartel getting out of the country.


Now… No one goes to an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie for plot; plot is just a bonus. What you go for is the action. And this looks like it has plenty of that. Slated for a January release, it looks like the man is back, hopefully better than ever! We missed ya!





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