I am always amazed by the vast array of music that I listen to; not only sheer volume but the eclectic nature of it all. Being inspired by my cohort Scuzz and his post ‘Randomness’, I decided to turn Music Monday over to the hands of fate.


I loaded the entirety of my digital music library, which is in the 263.3 GB range, and hit shuffle. The following are the first 5 songs that came up. Let’s see what’s all in here!



Boyz II Men – It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday


Great tune… Fun fact about The Average Movie Nerd: ‘Cooleyhighharmony’ was one of the first 3 CD’s I ever owned; the other two? Amy Grant’s ‘Heart In Motion’ and Snow’s ‘12 Inches of Snow’. Yep… I am that cool!





Frank Sinatra – There Used To Be A Ballpark


Gotta love Old Blue Eyes and this one happens to be about baseball… more specifically his tribute to the Brooklyn Dodgers.





Joe Nichols – Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off


This is just a fun song and a funny video. They both always but a smile on my face.





Sister Hazel – Everything Else Disappears


This is a nice easy tune and it has a good story. I like it. Plus this video is put together with clips from Lois & Clark. Good times.





Roxette – Small Talk


They are one of my favorite Swedish artists of all time. This is an unreleased track from their multiple, multiple, multiple Platinum selling album ‘Joyride’. If you added all the Platinum monikers they got for this album worldwide it would number 34…. Apparently Germany reserves Platinum status for only David Hasselhoff because the album only reached 7x Gold there.





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