The Last Stand



Arnie is back in this, his first above the title credit, since getting out of the governor’s chair. He takes on the role of Ray Owens a now small town sheriff. Owens had been in the LAPD but left after a bad set of circumstances and mistakes that left his partner crippled. He has settled into what he thought was going to be a quiet little boarder town where his biggest problem was going to be making sure the high school kids didn’t stay out past curfew. And that was really how things were going until a call comes from the FBI warning Owens that some men from a Mexican drug cartel had broken out of a prison transport and were headed through his town. Owen and his ragtag collection of under qualified coppers is the only thing standing in the way of the Cartel getting out of the country.


Now… No one goes to an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie for plot; plot is just a bonus. What you go for is the action. And this looks like it has plenty of that. Slated for a January release, it looks like the man is back, hopefully better than ever! We missed ya!





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