Mary Beth Maziarz




I have Dawson’s Creek to thank for the discovery of Mary Beth Maziarz. One of the best things about the original versions of the TV show was the music it used and how well it fit with the mood and storylines. They did a great job finding the right song for each moment. And it is one of the reasons why I was upset with the DVD release of the show. Due to copyright issues, they weren’t able to use a significant amount of the original songs so they either replaced the original or cut the scene altogether. If they wouldn’t have done what they did, the cost of each DVD would have been spendy… but I, like most, would have paid the extra cash to retain the original soundtrack.


Back to the artist at hand… I instantly loved Mary Beth Maziarz’s voice. It has a haunting beauty to it. I turned to the interwebs straight away to find out more. Born in Illinois and now settled into Park City Utah, she has her own record company, Musaic Records. She has produced some wonderful music that I enjoy daily. Keeping with the cover songs theme, I have a couple covers listed but to veer slightly, I have included some of her originals… Why? Well because I can, but mostly because they are just that good. Her music touches me; I hope the same for you.



Daydream Believer


This was feature in season 3 episode 19 of Dawson’s Creek entitled ‘Stolen Kisses’. I love this cover. It is one of my favorite songs… ever.





Close To You


This was feature prominently in season 5 episode 15 of Dawson’s Creek entitled ‘Downtown Crossing’.





Hold On





True Believer










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  1. She has such a sweet, soft quality to her voice, I could listen to her for hours!! I watched Dawson, religiously every week, and I had forgotten about Mary Beth!! Thanks for reminding me! Fabulous post!

  2. You are very welcome! thank you for reading! She is wonderful…

    I loved the Creek. In my post ‘5 Or more… Guilty Pleasures’ ( I tell the story on how I got hooked on the show. You should check it out. 🙂


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