The Details



It all depends on your sense of humor, but anything can be a comedy. Most of the time we laugh at the sheer absurdity of what we are seeing on the screen, for example, with any of the ‘gore porn’ movies (Saw, Hostel…) some are unable to process the images they see, they have to laugh to protect themselves from being disturbed to their core or the absurdity of it all just strikes a comedic chord in them. The later is what most dark comedies prey upon; the absurdity of situations. It is a tricky line to walk. Too much one way and it can become an outright drama. Too much the other way and it is a farce. But if the filmmaker toes the line it can become an artful train wreck that evokes the gallows humor in all of us. I believe ‘The Details’ toes that line.


With a wonderful cast that includes the talents of Tobey Maguire, Elizabeth Banks (love her!) and Ray Liotta, the film centers on Tobey’s character’s fidelity. He is in a sexless marriage which sends him to the loins of another. The aftermath of his promiscuity is pregnancy, of which he wants none, so he decides he wants to start eliminating his problems from his life… permanently. All of these events are perpetuated by a family of raccoons in Tobey and Elizabeth’s backyard. If this doesn’t have dark comedy written all over it, I don’t know what would.





Stand Up Guys



Fisher Stevens directs a serious collection of Academy Award talent in this movie. Pacino and Walken together with Alan Arkin, regardless of what the movie is about, I am seeing that movie; but it helps that the film and the plot look really good. (I will explain why the plot looks so good in a second) Also the music in the trailer is wonderful; it really sets a great mood.


Two longtime friends, who happen to be on the other side of the law, spend one last night together. One last night because the one friend (Walken) is tasked with killing the other friend (Pacino) now that he is out of the slammer. This may sound somewhat familiar to some folks out there because it is akin to the plot of the fantastic film ‘In Bruges’. If this movie is anything like that one, then I have no doubts on ‘Stand Up Guys’ potential. Too bad we have to wait till January to see this one…




Glen Campbell



Glen Campbell has one of the most pristine voices in music and he always brings the right emotion at the right time when he sings. I grew up with country music and Glen Campbell was in the Pantheon of country greatness for me. (more…)




One of America’s greatest filmmakers, Steven Spielberg, puts to film the story of arguably America’s greatest president, Abraham Lincoln. The scope and scale of this… well, all I can really say is, wow… This is an epic tale told by an epic story teller and the cast he has assembled for this is unbelievable. I lost count of how many Oscar winners and Oscar nominees there are in it. No, getting all that talent together for a movie doesn’t make it great, but given Spielberg’s track record I have no doubt of this films potential greatness. I am eager to see this right now, but I will have to wait till November.





The Brooklyn Brothers Beat The Best



Ryan O’Nan tripled up on this film, he wrote, directed and he stars in it. That is a telltale sign that it’s more on the independent side of the spectrum. I welcome that. Why you may ask do I welcome Indie films? It is simple; Indie movies are usually filled with fresh/new ideas. Hollywood needs more fresh ideas. Granted, at the heart of every movie, there are commonalities, but it is how they are written and presented that makes all the difference. For instance in this movie, at its center, is a formed friendship or bro-mance and a love story, but it is presented as a funny take on trying to make it big and the anxiety involved. Throw in a fantastic cast and this has the makings of a sweet little film that could.


It gets a wide release tomorrow so look for it. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised.





5 Or More… Pirates!



Avast ye hardies! September 19th be here once again and that can only mean one thing ye scallywag…. It be ‘International Talk Like A Pirate Day’. In honor of those dirty dogs of the deep blue sea, I be writing about my favorite pirate movies, pirates on the screen, games and just pirates in general.




Batten down the hatches and get ready to walk the plank…. Here be a list, in no particular order, of me favorite Pirates. Yarrrrrrrrr…


The Tall Man



The real story of this movie is: What lengths will a mother go, to find her child? The plot, on the surface, is fairly common… wife’s husband passes away, she moves to a different town, in said town there is a legend, legend is of a ‘being’ that abducts children, many children go missing, shortly her child goes missing, she tries to find her child and she unravels the true origin of the legend.


The real question is: how are they going to change up this story line? What is going to be their twist on this? What will their fresh take on all this be? I do like Jessica Biel and I do enjoy figuring out these types of films so I guess I will give this one a shot, but I think I will wait till it comes out on VOD or some other rental option.





Ben Folds Five – Do It Anyway




It has been 13 years in the making but Ben Folds Five has gotten back together and birthed into the world a new album called ‘The Sound of the Life of the Mind’. From the bits and pieces I have heard of the new effort, it is BF5 goodness to the core. The first release from the album is ‘Do It Anyway’ a Ben Foldsesque song if I have ever heard one. It is musical, it is powerful and it is fun. To equal the fun and playful nature of the song they had to create a video that was its equal.


Boy, did they….


BF5 joined forces with Nerdist Industries and The Jim Henson Company to breathe life into this creation as well as some old, familiar friends; THE FRAGGLES!!! Along with the adorable Muppets from days gone by, they solicited the help of the very funny Rob Corddry and the talented (and very stunning) Anna Kendrick… oh yeah and the Nerdist himself Chris Hardwick. Your face holes will be very pleased…. Very pleased indeed.





As an added bonus, here is a little ‘making of’ video for you all. Enjoy!!!








If you are looking for some action on the big screen tonight, this might just be what you are looking for then. Nic Cage is a thief who got caught after a big heist and subsequently thrown in jail for it. He is now out and trying to get on with a normal life. His former partner in crime wants the money the two stole before Nic got locked up but Nic disposed of the money. The former partner has now kidnapped Nic’s daughter and is demanding the money so Nic has to steal $10 million so get his daughter back.


I like me some Nic Cage action so I am sure I will check this one out.




For Ellen



Paul Dano is turning into thee premier actor of his generation. With each turn in front of the camera he makes a stronger and stronger case for himself.  He’s on his way to becoming the next Gary Oldman, who in my opinion, is one of if not the best character actors of all time. Dano can inhabit a role to the point where you believe that the character he is playing isn’t a character at all. He puts his all and everything into every performance and this looks like it isn’t the exception to the rule.


Paul Dano plays a musician who is struggling to break into the business. He finds himself in a legal struggle with his estranged wife over custody of their young daughter played by the adorable Shaylena Mandingo (She has a BIG future in this business). Jon Heder also plays a supporting role as a lawyer in this Sundance Film Festival  ‘Grand Jury Prize’ nominee.




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