Stand Up Guys



Fisher Stevens directs a serious collection of Academy Award talent in this movie. Pacino and Walken together with Alan Arkin, regardless of what the movie is about, I am seeing that movie; but it helps that the film and the plot look really good. (I will explain why the plot looks so good in a second) Also the music in the trailer is wonderful; it really sets a great mood.


Two longtime friends, who happen to be on the other side of the law, spend one last night together. One last night because the one friend (Walken) is tasked with killing the other friend (Pacino) now that he is out of the slammer. This may sound somewhat familiar to some folks out there because it is akin to the plot of the fantastic film ‘In Bruges’. If this movie is anything like that one, then I have no doubts on ‘Stand Up Guys’ potential. Too bad we have to wait till January to see this one…




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