The Details



It all depends on your sense of humor, but anything can be a comedy. Most of the time we laugh at the sheer absurdity of what we are seeing on the screen, for example, with any of the ‘gore porn’ movies (Saw, Hostel…) some are unable to process the images they see, they have to laugh to protect themselves from being disturbed to their core or the absurdity of it all just strikes a comedic chord in them. The later is what most dark comedies prey upon; the absurdity of situations. It is a tricky line to walk. Too much one way and it can become an outright drama. Too much the other way and it is a farce. But if the filmmaker toes the line it can become an artful train wreck that evokes the gallows humor in all of us. I believe ‘The Details’ toes that line.


With a wonderful cast that includes the talents of Tobey Maguire, Elizabeth Banks (love her!) and Ray Liotta, the film centers on Tobey’s character’s fidelity. He is in a sexless marriage which sends him to the loins of another. The aftermath of his promiscuity is pregnancy, of which he wants none, so he decides he wants to start eliminating his problems from his life… permanently. All of these events are perpetuated by a family of raccoons in Tobey and Elizabeth’s backyard. If this doesn’t have dark comedy written all over it, I don’t know what would.





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