Evil Dead (2013)



You know the story. You love the original. You question the validity of this remake. You scoff at the idea of touching a part of horror nerd history… hell the original is in the pantheon. I had the same thoughts as well. And you all know how many times I have lamented about remakes/reimagines. But this is co-written by Sam Raimi and was given the stamp of approval by THEE man himself, God amongst mortal acting men, Bruce Campbell. If it is good enough for Ash it is good enough for me. One other plus side note to this, it has the VERY talented and VERY beautiful Jane Levy (Suburgatory). At least for me Jane Levy is a big bonus reason to see this.


(This is a very stern warning. This is the RED BAND TRAILER and thus it is VERY NSFW. Nor is it for the faint of heart. This trailer is very graphic. You have been warned)





Iron Man 3



Every so often a movie comes alo… Screw it… THIS LOOKS AWESOME!!!!! Sir Ben Kingsley looks badass as The Mandarin. I can’t wait to see this May 3rd. I sunk a bit when I first heard John Favreau wasn’t writing and directing this installment of the franchise, but any fears were quelled when I found out that Shane Black was stepping in. He knows action and how to weave a good story into it. Hell he wrote all the Lethal Weapon movies, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, The Long Kiss Goodnight, The Last Boy Scout… Yep, he knows his stuff. Bold prediction here… there will be some sort of kidnapping in the film if Black holds true to his formula. Just sayin’…





John & Paul



Once again I had the tired old question asked of me: “The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?” (more…)

A Quick Open Letter



Dear Foley Artists,


PLEASE stop inserting a dial tone when someone gets hung up on while using a cell phone. That is all…


Thank you.



In Their Skin



These people are really the worst kind of neighbors… no they don’t take your tools and forget to give them back; they take your identity and possibly even your lives. They take coveting thy neighbor to a whole new degree. Forcing the objects of their obsession do things they never wanted to do or ever even thought they could do.


This movie falls more into the thriller genre than the horror mold, but that doesn’t make it less frightening. I find, and I believe I have lamented about this before, that scenarios like this are much more disturbing for me than some of the other types of horror films; unless the horror film has dolls. Dolls are the worst. (In case you were wondering, and I know you are, the fear of dolls is called Pediophobia.) Regardless if this film has dolls or not, I believe it is worth a thrill or two and whoever is interested should check it out when it hits theaters in early November.





Texas Chainsaw 3D



Leatherface is back… and in 3D…..! In the immortal words of Sam Beckett, “Oh boy.” (Cue Mike Post theme song) I wish I could leap into the body of whoever greenlit this and set right what once went wrong. The remakes and 3D need to stop. Ok, ok, ok, so this is kind of a sequel/reimagining. But still folks… get some originality.


On the plus side, they do use some ‘archived footage’ of Gunnar Hansen as the original masked bad man. (In this one Dan Yeager grabs the chainsaw to terrify the youngins.) For diehard fans of the series, this will be a must see, for the majority I doubt they will flock in droves, but I am sure it will still do well.








If you don’t have family… well, then you don’t have anything at all. At least some people think that. It’s always tough to lose a parent, but when it happens under hazy circumstances that can fuel something inside a person. It has the potential of unlocking a part of you and unleashing a darkness upon the world. That’s the basis for this film. It looks to be the genesis of a socio/psychopath and their education by none other than a member of their family. Or is he…? Who is this mystery man that claims to be the brother of the deceased? All I know for sure is he is a bad man with bad intentions.





Alexi Murdoch



When you are looking to set a particular mood, be it in a movie or a TV show or in life, you would call upon Alexi Murdoch. (more…)

I Give You…



If Steven Moffat ever saw this, they would become the next Doctor Who monsters….



The Next Doctor Who Monsters…




Have you ever been stuck in a rut? You know; job is stagnant, marriage/relationship has lost its pizazz and you have a serious case of the Mondays every day and nothing has helped… then a friend suggests something. It could be anything, something completely outrageous, but you are willing to try anything to kick start your life again.


In Tom’s case he watches a video. Seems innocuous enough but seeming and being are two different things. I know you have watched something and then immediately wished you could unwatch it; that you never had to have seen what you have seen… but at the time you couldn’t take your eyes off of what was in front of you. And those images now will stay with you… and they will change you. Slowly dusting away the line between reality and fantasy in turn bringing everything you have built in your life crumbling down around you… That’s what happens in this film.


Some have said it is paced rather slowly, but with a film that messes with your mind, it is a torturously slow pace that becomes part of the story itself. I like movies that bend peoples mind and perception. Psychological thrillers are infinitely more terrifying to me that someone running around in a mask hacking people up. For me it is the realism that makes it all that more frightening. Count me in.





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