Iron And Wine



This group has been popping up fairly frequently for me over the last couple weeks. Songs, or artists will do that from time to time; they will stalk me. Every time I get in my vehicle or turn on different TV shows or even on the speakers at a business I go into, I will hear a particular singer or song.


Is the universe trying to tell me something? Possibly… but one will never know for sure.


One thing I do know, I really like the sound of Iron and Wine. The heart and soul of IaW is Sam Beam. He is the writer and singer of the songs that have been sneaking into my life over the last couple weeks. His music is very melodious and always tells a fantastic story. Be it love, life, dreams or other imagery, Beam will weave a beautiful musical tapestry for one to enjoy and also make you think. He is a true musical artist and I am glad that his songs are following me wherever I go these days.




Naked As We Came





Boy With A Coin





Lion’s Mane





Godless Brother In Love





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