Well boys and girls, it’s that time of the year once again… you know, the leaves start to change and fall from the branches, the weather turns colder, football is in full swing and of course it’s the time of year when we all like to get the bejeasus scared out of us. The month of October brings us, at its end, the wonderful holiday of Halloween. For some this is their favorite holiday and it just isn’t for one day, no, it lasts the entire month for them. Which I think is great. I say candy and costume parties all around! Every Week! More Cos Play… EVERYBODY!! Cos Play! Cos Play! Cos Play!


(Sorry, got caught up there)


The other thing that permeates throughout the month is scary/horror movies. All the classics pop up on the TV and new efforts are thrown at us in an attempt to take our money and OUR SOOOOOULS… Ok, not so much take our souls, but the money yes, and to entertain.


With my first of the upcoming horror films I will be previewing, I give you ‘V/H/S’. It is another one of those “found footage” movies but this one seems to be a bit unique. It is 5 different vignettes, all directed by different people, brought together with a unifying storyline. That story line is a group of miscreants is hired by someone to break into an old country house (in the middle of nowhere) and steal one VHS tape. What they find is a stash of VHS tapes, each one more unbelievable than the last.


The “found footage” genre has been done and done and done and overdone, but from all accounts this brings a little somin’ somin’ back to it.   And like the truly freakiest of freaky Japanese horror movies, it leaves something’s unanswered and to the viewer’s imagination. Is it original enough to give life to this subgenre of horror? We will have to wait and see…. Granted we don’t have long to wait because it opens this weekend.


(BE WARNED: This is the RED BAND trailer and is very much NSFW)




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