Have you ever been stuck in a rut? You know; job is stagnant, marriage/relationship has lost its pizazz and you have a serious case of the Mondays every day and nothing has helped… then a friend suggests something. It could be anything, something completely outrageous, but you are willing to try anything to kick start your life again.


In Tom’s case he watches a video. Seems innocuous enough but seeming and being are two different things. I know you have watched something and then immediately wished you could unwatch it; that you never had to have seen what you have seen… but at the time you couldn’t take your eyes off of what was in front of you. And those images now will stay with you… and they will change you. Slowly dusting away the line between reality and fantasy in turn bringing everything you have built in your life crumbling down around you… That’s what happens in this film.


Some have said it is paced rather slowly, but with a film that messes with your mind, it is a torturously slow pace that becomes part of the story itself. I like movies that bend peoples mind and perception. Psychological thrillers are infinitely more terrifying to me that someone running around in a mask hacking people up. For me it is the realism that makes it all that more frightening. Count me in.





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