Alexi Murdoch



When you are looking to set a particular mood, be it in a movie or a TV show or in life, you would call upon Alexi Murdoch. His music has a haunting sweetness to it. It engages you and brings you deeper into whatever is happening while his music is playing. It is the type of music that can transport you to a different place and time and Murdoch has a voice that will stay with you long after the song has finished playing.


This English born, who spent his developmental years in Greece then moved to Scotland, musician has had his music featured in too many primetime TV shows to count. I know you have heard one of his songs at some point while watching a favorite show. One of the coolest things about Murdoch and his music is that he is doing this by himself. He has repeatedly turned down major record labels because he wants to retain the creative control over his music. So he started his own indie label. You can tell. The music is pure and the heart is still there. Take a listen and enjoy… I know I do.




All My Days





Through The Dark





Towards The Sun










Song For You





Her Hands Were Leaves





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