Django Unchained: The Review



Either you love QT movies or you don’t. He is a very polarizing figure in film. (more…)

Music For The Season



I shared with you my ‘get me into the spirit’ tune. Now it is time to give you a few of my favorite songs from this time of the year.  I wish you and yours a heartfelt and wonderful Holiday. Happy Christmas and Merry Holiday to one and all!!!



5 Or More… Christmas Movies



Some of my all-time favorite movies take place around Christmas or are Christmas themed. Call me a big softy or a sentimental old fool, but I like feel good movies. In a real world full of nastiness, hate and anger it is nice to escape into a world where everything works out, where wishes do come true and where anything is possible. Some of these movies make you laugh, some make you cry and the really good ones will make you do both, but all of them should fill you with a sense of happiness and joy.


Here is a list, in no particular order, of my favorite Christmas Movies. (more…)

Burl Ives – Silver And Gold



Everyone has one; that one song that always puts them in the Christmas spirit. This is the song for me. It isn’t Christmas, or the Holiday season until I hear Burl Ives sing this little ditty. I can feel the spirit of the season already… that may just be the eggnog.





Flight of the Conchords – Business Time


Sitting at work this morning I overheard a conversation. The crux of the conversation isn’t important but one phrase caught my attention and sparked a loop in my head. Over and over and over and over this song has been playing out in my head because someone said that it was business time. The person who said it had never remotely even heard about the song they inadvertently referenced, but of course I did; from my brain to your ears and eyes.

(NSFW warning… It is slightly inappropriate for the workplace, so where headphones!)





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