Man of Steel


Man of Steel Symbol

Man of Steel Symbol

Big budget plus big talent plus anticipation doesn’t always equal hit. In fact, more times than not it is the opposite. Thus the reason I am guarding my expectations on the latest reboot of the venerable comic book franchise. The parts are there for a ‘Dark Knightian’ success. But let’s not go there just yet. (Inside I have serious nerdgasms every time I see the different trailers for this movie)

Let’s hope Chris Nolan and Zach Snyder have captured lightning in a bottle because I really want to see a Nolan/Snyder ‘Justice League’ movie with Christian Bale playing an older, broken Bruce Wayne as mentor to Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Nightwing and all the others in the Halls of Justice. I really feel the success of this film will determine the future of the Justice League.




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