Elijah Wood in 'Maniac'

Elijah Wood in ‘Maniac’

Two of my favorite young actors out there right now are Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Elijah Wood. I talked a little about JGL in my look at his new movie ‘Don Jon’. Now with Elijah’s new movie I get to gush over his talent for a minute.

This kid is talented. He can pull off the drama, he has nailed the comedy stuff I have seen him in, and boy does he do creepy really well. We got a glimpse of his creepy in ‘Sin City’ where he played Kevin the disturbing no talking killer. Now in ‘Maniac’ we get to see EW slip into an even more disturbed character. I really think he brings out the human side of a serial killer. The kid is good. Real good.

You will have to search for this one. ‘Maniac’ is only getting a limited release June 21st in the US. Other parts of the world it is out now. Find it and enjoy!

Nora Arnezeder in 'Maniac'

Nora Arnezeder in ‘Maniac’


As a side note. This movie has lots of mannequins in it. Mannequins are just large dolls. Dolls are creepy. I hate dolls. That part of the movie will freak me out. *shudders*







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