Random Movie Day 5: Smith-A-Thon

Random Movie Day

Random Movie Day


Because the weather has been crappy so much of this spring, I’ve been stuck inside lots and lots. With all this indoor time on my hands, and having cleaned my house more than I have in the last year, I have watched a lot of movies.

Over the weekend it rained and rained and rained once again, so I flipped on the TV and what happened to be just starting? Mallrats. That one movie spawned a themed movie marathon to pass the day. I am a huge fan of Kevin Smith. I have loved everything he has put out. He inspires me and entertains me. Some even say I look like him.

This was a good day. I enjoyed this day. I will share this day with you.



Mallrats Poster

Mallrats Poster

Like I said, I flipped the TV on and this movie was just starting. Mallrats is in the ‘sucked into’ movies category; if it is on, I will always sit and watch it.

“Who’s your favorite New Kid? Call me Joey!” Love the Affleck. As KS always says, Ben could play the shark. Plus I love me some Jason Lee. He just rocks.





Brian O'Halloran as Dante in 'Clerks'

Brian O’Halloran as Dante in ‘Clerks’

When Mallrats finished it was around lunchtime so I decided to go all old school college. So I ran to the store, bought some Ramen (Chicken Flavored), cooked it up and threw in Clerks. I was immediately transported to my college dorm room with my 13” TV, where I first watched the movie. I remember I was blown away back then. I loved the movie from the first frame to the last. I still love this movie.




Clerks II

Trevor Fehrman, Brian O'Halloran, Rosario Dawson, & Jeff Anderson in 'Clerks II'

Trevor Fehrman, Brian O’Halloran, Rosario Dawson, & Jeff Anderson in ‘Clerks II’

There was no question to follow up Clerks with Clerks II. You can see the evolution of Kevin Smith the write/director from the first to the second. Also you can see the evolution of all the actors who play our favorite characters. It, for me, ranks as one of the best sequels ever made. It is brilliantly funny, touching and just damn good. Plus he gives you this:





Dogma Poster

Dogma Poster

The next choice was hard. Should I go Chasing Amy? Should I go Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back? Should I go Zack and Miri Make A Porno? So many decisions… But I went with Dogma because it is the one I own that I haven’t watched in a while. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen this movie dozens of times; I love it.

But I kinda eff’ed myself with this movie. Why? Because I would throw this in before I went to bed almost every night for a couple years. I would alternate between Dogma, The Princess Bride and Galaxy Quest. So now when any of those movies come on, although I love each dearly, I get a bit sleepy when they play. I shook it off and powered though this fantastic film.

This is one of my favorite scenes Kevin has ever written:




And this is a great rant:




An Evening With Kevin Smith 2: Evening Harder

Kevin Smith in his element.

Kevin Smith in his element.

I needed a palate cleanser so I turned to the ‘Evening With’ series. The first one had me enraptured the entire 224 minutes. I was so engrossed I had no idea it was even that long. As soon as the second one was available I bought it, same with the third as well as Too Fat for 40.

I am a fan of this man. Not just his movies, but the man himself; not so much the weed, but it works for him. The man can spin a yarn with the best of them. I can listen to him talk about anything and everything. With his myriad of podcasts that is a possibility. But mostly this man inspired me. I remember in the middle of watching the first ‘Evening With’ it hit me that I could do what he did. I knew at that moment that I could be a writer, that I could write movies, that I could achieve a dream that I had most of my life.

Some people say I look like Kevin Smith in this photo. Me and my Great Aunt a few years ago.

Some people say I look like Kevin Smith in this photo. Me and my Great Aunt a few years ago.

Thank you Kevin. You gave me the insight and inspiration I needed to start making my own dreams come true. You are awesome. I hope someday I can meet you and shake your hand and maybe, just maybe, get to hang out with you for a day.

Nearly all of the clips for this one has been taken down so here is the trailer… it does include the real hot woman in Toronto who kinda, sorta digs Jason Mewes. I wish she dug me!




Catch and Release

Kevin Smith & Sam Jaeger in 'Catch and Release'

Kevin Smith & Sam Jaeger in ‘Catch and Release’

I ended the day with not a Mr. Smith written and directed film but one he just acted in; and acted very well. The movie as a whole was ok, a rather generic RomCom plot, but Kev’s performance was outstanding. It is subtle but beautiful. The chubby best friend/tears of a clown character hits pretty damn close to home. I connected with him straight away.


This is just a bit of fun from the film:




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