Shuffle 5: Wish I Was Outside Mix




The sun is shining (for once) the birds are singing and I am stuck inside. Go figure on the first nice day in at least a week I have a bajillion things to do to get ready to go away for the next few days; and none of them include outside time! Ah well, such is life. To help me through the indoor malaise I loaded up my player and hit shuffle. Here are the first five for ya!


Luke Bryan – Rain Is A Good Thing

My music player has a wonderful sense of irony. At least it’s an upbeat tune. I’ll take it!



Poison – Talk Dirty To Me

A karaoke standard for me. I love me some Poison. What happened to the fun rock and roll? This era was all about having a good time. I can get on board with that.




Tim McGraw – I Like It, I Love It

Old school Timmy McGraw; 1995 old school. Wow, nearly 20 years since this hit store shelves. HA! Store shelves… how quaint.




REO Speedwagon – Roll With The Changes

I’ve always enjoyed REO. I think everyone had a copy or still has a copy of their greatest hits album (or cassette tape or CD). They have one heck of a collection of songs. And damn, that’s A LOT of hair.




Men at Work – Down Under

I love Colin Hay’s voice. I love the music of Men at Work too. It is just fun to listen to. And their videos are always entertaining.




Colin Hay – Overkill

This is a bonus cut because I mentioned him. Here is one of my favorite things Colin Hay has done. He is awesome. This video is done by a group of college students. It’s not too bad.




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