The Lifeguard


The Lifeguard Poster

The Lifeguard Poster


The fantabulous Kristen Bell stars in this second coming of age movie written and directed by first time feature writer and director Liz Garcia. The official Sundance description of the movie goes like this:

“Leigh, a whip-smart former valedictorian on the verge of 30, is living a seemingly perfect life in New York. When her work aspirations and love life suddenly come crashing down, she hightails it back to the cocoon of the Connecticut suburb where she grew up. Picking up right where her teen halcyon days left off, she moves into her old room with her parents, reunites with her bosom buddies who never left town, and steps back into her high school job as a condo-complex lifeguard. As she takes a transgressive journey back to adolescence, including entering into a forbidden affair, Leigh’s bold flirtation with disaster triggers a ripple effect all around her.”

Kristen Bell in 'The Lifeguard'

Kristen Bell in ‘The Lifeguard’

This is a reality for a majority of 20 to 40 somethings with the economy the way it is many are forced to move back home. There may be other factors driving the move but money is the big one. This is definitely current and relative subject matter to a lot of people. ‘The Lifeguard’ looks well shot and acted… it must be. It was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance. I know I am anticipating the release of this one.  Look for the movie in theaters at the end of August. But for those who just can’t wait it will be on your favorite ‘Video on Demand’ the end of July.




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