Prisoners Poster

Prisoners Poster

During the 80’s child abductions were a major part of the nightly news. ‘Stranger Danger’ PSA’s and similar materials were being shown in schools and taught to kids. People were terrified of losing their children.  I remember going to Kmart when I was in 3rd grade to get an ID made. It was a program sponsored by the local police department where I was fingerprinted, had my picture taken, my vital statistics collected and all of that was put onto a replica driver’s license for my parents to keep just in case something happened to me.

Jake Gyllenhaal & Hugh Jackman in 'Prisoners'

Jake Gyllenhaal & Hugh Jackman in ‘Prisoners’

I know the fear related to child abductions. That fear has been drilled into my brain nearly my entire life.  It’s a parent’s worst nightmare. That nightmare is exactly what the four parents in this movie are experiencing. They let their two daughters go out and play in their neighborhood, which they think is perfectly safe; I mean who wouldn’t? It’s an idyllic upper middle class setting. Peaceful, quiet where nothing ever happens. Why would you assume the worst?

But the worst does happen. Their kids disappear and the only lead is arrested but there is no evidence to charge him. What would you do? What lengths would you go to; what actions would you take to find your child? Ask most any parent and their answer would be the same. They would do anything and everything in their power to find said child.

Paul Dano

Paul Dano

The cast in this movie has some serious talent in it. There are seven Oscar nominations and one win (Melissa Leo 2011 for ‘The Fighter’) between the main cast. If you ask me, there should be at least two more nominations in there for Paul Dano. That kid is a fantastic and phenomenal talent. Throw together Dano with Hugh Jackman, Viola Davis, Maria Bello, Melissa Leo, Terrence Howard, Jake Gyllenhaal and you have the formula for serious Academy interest. This may be a contender. Look for this thrill ride in theaters at the end September.




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