5 Or More… Comics that Should be Films

By He Might Be Giant

He Might Be Giant

He Might Be Giant

Over the past, let’s safely say, five years comic book movies have become a huge hit in box offices nationwide.  Yeah there was ‘The Crow’ and ‘Blade’ in the 90’s but as of late they have gotten BIG.  Of course though there are those comic book films that just cannot connect with the audience… *Ahem ‘47 Ronin’*… which are critical failures, but to those of us who enjoy the books, were exactly what we expected. So this got me thinking “what would make a great movie that the average nerd can connect with?”


Here is a list, in no particular order, of my favorite Comics that Should be Movies.


The 100… Part 9


The 100

The 100

You’ve seen all these must see movie lists that clutter up your newsfeed on the Facebooks and other pages on the interwebs. I know I’ve seen a ton of them. Usually the parenthetical to the title of the piece is ‘[Insert number of movies here] you need to see before you die’. The problem I have with the vast majority of these lists is that they are compiled by film school snobs who think French new wave or some other pretentious crap is the bee’s knees.

Where are the lists for the hard working masses? Where are the lists for nerds who are trying to teach their nerdlings about the wonderful world of movies? Where are the lists for the hard working non-nerdy masses who happen to be raising a young, enthusiastic nerdling?

The answer to those questions ladies and gentlemen is right here. I am going to gather together a list of 100 movies that you don’t necessarily HAVE to see before you shuffle off this mortal coil, but rather a list of 100 movies that should be seen to further broaden one’s soul. Some maybe obvious and I’m sure some you won’t have heard of, but all will be worth it. I’m just here to help.

These will be in no particular order and they won’t be numbered (Why number them if they are being counted down and you already know there’s going to a total of 100) and broken down into ten easy to digest segments. So let’s keep going with the ninth of ten…


Too All The Moms…

The Average Movie Nerd

Jawas Mother's Day Card Jawas Mother’s Day Card

To all the Moms out there, nerdy or not, I hope you have the happiest of Mother’s Days… and thank you for everything. Even though sometimes we don’t show it, and we should, we love you very much!

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The Force Is Strong This Day

The Average Movie Nerd

May The 4th Be With You Logo May The 4th Be With You Logo

Happy Star Wars Day to one and all! I plan to sit down and watch the original three, in their original form. What do you plan on doing? Anyone have big plans to celebrate today?

Here is a fun bit from ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ a couple weeks ago with Harrison Ford when he was on promoting ‘42’ the biopic about Jackie Robinson. I laugh so hard every time I see this. Best. Chat Show. Exit… EVER!

Star Wars Logo Star Wars Logo

Seeing Harrison Ford makes me start to think about the new Star Wars movies that are on the horizon. How is J.J. Abrams going to continue the story? One fan took it upon himself to Frankenstein together a peak into the future. He mashed up Serenity, Star Trek, Star Trek: Into Darkness, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2, and Star Wars: The Old Republic…

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