The 100… Honorable Mentions


The 100 Extra logo

The 100 Extra logo

The list is complete…. FINALLY. But there are still a few films that should be viewed to further your nerdlings along on their journey to becoming a well-rounded nerd. There will be no descriptions or justifications for these honorable mentions. Nope. Just a title. Maybe a short parenthetical on one or two to denote the year or to clarify which film I mean. Ok… maybe one or two justifications. But they will be short and still in parenthetical’s sweet embrace.

Take a look at this short list of films and let me know if they should have been on ‘The 100’ or if they shouldn’t even be included here. As always these are in no particular order. It’s just how they popped into my brain.




Flash Gordon (The 1980 classic. This one’s for you Scuzz)

The Matrix (Just the first movie. Whoever says they made more than one one of these movies… they are liars! Liars I tell ya!!)

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Good Will Hunting



Small Soldiers

Necessary Roughness

The Sandlot

The Guru (Not the Mike Meyers one, the one with Jimi Mistry)

Road House

Varsity Blues

The Avengers (The Joss Whedon one. The only reason this wasn’t on ‘The 100’ was most have seen it or should have anyway)

Sky High

Spies Like Us

Bruster’s Millions

Death to Smoochy (An underrated dark comedy)


Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

American Graffiti

South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

Not Another Teen Movie



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