Comics that Should be Movies

By He Might Be Giant

He Might Be Giant

He Might Be Giant

Over the past, let’s safely say, five years comic book movies have become a huge hit in box offices nationwide.  Yeah there was ‘The Crow’ and ‘Blade’ in the 90’s but as of late they have gotten BIG.  Of course though there are those comic book films that just cannot connect with the audience… *Ahem ‘47 Ronin’*… which are critical failures, but to those of us who enjoy the books, were exactly what we expected. So this got me thinking “what would make a great movie that the average nerd can connect with?”


Here is a list, in no particular order, of my favorite Comics that Should be Movies.


Manifest Destiny

Manifest Destiny #4 cover

Manifest Destiny #4 cover

We all sat in history class and had Louis and Clark slammed into our heads like Hulk smashes, it is a dead idea, but turn this dynamic duo into monster hunters and you have a fresh new feel to history.  With its original release only being November last year (2013) and issue 4 set to come out early February there isn’t much story development thus far.  But somehow the writing of Chris Dingess and the art of Mathew Roberts keeps me coming back every time.  Every month I am chomping at the bit til the next issue comes out. Manifest Destiny has me rereading every issue at least twice a month.  I would give this one to the Cohen Brothers.


Poison Elves

Poison Elves #1 cover

Poison Elves #1 cover

Demons, hot chicks, clerics, rouges, and The Purple Marauder. There is not much more to be said about this mostly unknown indie comic done by Drew Hays. Our said artist/writer died while writing this one and had specific notes on who could continue writing and do the art for it.  For that reason if this does get a film, it is of the utmost importance to make sure that it is done properly and time is taken to cast it correctly.  It is simply about a rouge elf who is trying to live a life filled with booze and wenches, but misadventure follows him everywhere.  Transforming him into the antihero the world needs.  All the while getting followed by a man in a purple banana hammock and cape who thinks women are the devil.  Give this one to either Del Toro or Pete Jackson.



Wormwood # 1 cover

Wormwood # 1 cover

For those of us who like pitch black comedy , this one is where you go.  Wormwood is brought to you by Ben Templesmith, the gentleman behind 30 Days of Night.  Wormwood is an immortal maggot who has the ability to re-animate corpses who fights all sorts of Lovecraftian beasts and tentacles.  As I said though this one isn’t for everyone as the humor in it is VERY dark and twisted.  We will give this one to John Carpenter.



Revival #14 cover

Revival #14 cover

In the rural mid-west, in a small town, no one has ever heard of the freshly dead start coming back to life.  But the twist is they are mostly the person that they were in life. It is still pretty early in the story at this point but a small town deputy and her sister are tasked with taking out the Revivers that snap and start doing crazy things.  Somehow death is involved but I have not figured out how yet.  Tim Seeley’s writing is just as fantastic as ever in this one.  Joss Whedon would do great things on this one.



HackSlash #1 cover

HackSlash #1 cover

This is my all-time favorite comic series out there… period.  Tim Seeley and Stefano Caselli have some of the best developed characters around.  I enjoy this one so much if you ask both The Nerd and Scuzz it without fail comes up at least once every time we talk. (TAMN here… I can attest this does come up often. Mostly it is Giant saying “Hack/Slash is the greatest” or ‘In Hack/Slash…”. He does this lots. LOTS.)

Cassie Hack, the lone survivor of a slasher flick, and her partner Vlad travel across the country hunting Slashers and taking them out one by one.  But then a secret society gets involved complicating everything.  This contains gratuitous violence, blood, partial nudity but is so well written you look right past all of that.  To add to that the duo has come across the likes of Charles Lee Ray, Hubert West, and Ash.  There is no way to mess this one up. (TAMN again… there are plenty of ways this could get screwed up but you know what he means.)  This one could be done by Marcus Nispel, but should have Bruce Campbell in it somewhere. (TAMN: Bruce ‘the Man’ Campbell should be in EVERYTHING… Duh.)


Wolverine: Old Man Logan

Panal from 'Wolverine - Old Man Logan'

Panal from ‘Wolverine – Old Man Logan’

The story takes place many, many years after the civil war. The war has left the United States in ruin and split into four areas that are controlled by Bruce Banner and his clan, Kingpin, Dr. Doom, and Red Skull we meet up with Logan whom now has a family and is a pacifist. In fact it has been over 50 years since he has popped his claws.  As of late he has not been able to make any money. So one day the Banner clan shows up and kicks the living crap out of him as a warning.  Shortly thereafter a blind hippy Hawkeye shows up and hires Logan to drive him across the US to make a delivery.  In this story arc we finally get to see how truly dark everything is with the Marvel universe as well as real life issues that are plaguing humanity today.


Honorable mentions go to Sex Criminals, Nemesis, Alex and Ada, Evil Eddie, Bomb Queen, and Uber.


There it is, for better or worse. That is my list of Comics that Should be Movies.



Let me know…



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