End Of School Movies



Doctor Potter mortar board

Doctor Potter mortar board

Graduations are happening all across the country which got me to thinking of my favorite movies about the end of school. Both college and high school students are ending one school year and either looking forward to the next or starting a new life away from academia. Whatever the case may be, summer is coming which brings some well-deserved freedom. Freedom to watch a movie or have an adventure of your own!


Here is a list, in no particular order, of my favorite End Of School Movies.


Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
I make no excuses, I like this movie. It is just silly fun. Plus it has George Carlin and Socrates. Whoooa…







Dead Man on Campus
Tom Everett Scott and Mark-Paul Gosselaar are two party hard college roommates who are on the verge of flunking out. That is until they hatch a scheme based on an obscure clause that says “If your roommate dies you automatically get an A.” So they go in search of someone who they think is suicidal. And then, of course, wackiness ensues.







This is a classic for me. This is an updated ‘Animal House’ type movie where political correctness has gone way too far. There are so many quotable lines in this flick that they find their way into my life on an almost daily basis.







Real Genius
I love this movie. I have always loved this movie. I will always love this movie. If you have seen this movie, you know what I am talking about. If you haven’t seen this movie, you should.











And this is one of my favorite lines of the film.






American Pie

This is the archetypal end of high school comedy. It has all the character types. It has all the wacky situations and it has iconic moments. It was well conceived and executed. Plus it is always good for a few laughs.







Can’t Hardly Wait
Who doesn’t love Love… Jennifer Love Hewitt that is… And Seth Green. He’s awesome.







Dazed and Confused
This film is a good time, it has a kick ass soundtrack, and it has Wooderson…







(I gave honorable mentions to a couple movies that have made other lists to give you the dedicated reader a bit of variety in the lists.)

Honorable mentions go to Say Anything, American Graffiti , Adventureland, I Love You, Beth Cooper, 10 Things I Hate About You, The Graduate, Van Wilder, With Honors, Slackers, Back To School and Not Another Teen Movie.

There it is, for better or worse. That is my list of End Of School Movies.



Let me know…




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