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The end of an era happens tonight on Fox. For the past eight seasons Dr. Gregory House has dazzled and entertained us. With his trusty best friend James Wilson and his band of cohorts, they have made us feel every emotion more than once. Hugh Laurie has played this caustic anti-hero to perfection. I have been a fan of this show from day one. I couldn’t tell you how many times I have watched these episodes. House is one of those shows, for me, that if it is on I will switch to it and just have it playing.



I have compiled a list of 21 of my favorite episodes from the past eight seasons. I love all of them, but these would be the ones I would take with me on a deserted island. I am only going to intro a few of the episodes on the list, otherwise this post would get waaaaaaaay to long.



(Ok, so I got on a roll and wrote a little about 15 of them… 🙂)






Here is a list, in no particular order, of my favorite Episodes of House.




Three Stories (S 1 – Ep. 21)

If I had to pick one episode of this show to introduce it to someone, this would be the episode. House is forced to take over a diagnostics class for the day. He poses three different cases all presenting with leg pain. Over the hour of the show we come to find out that one of the patients he has been having the class diagnose is him. It tells the origin story of how Greg House came to have the cane and limp. Brilliantly structured and played out.




One Day, One Room (S 3 – Ep. 12)



House is always trying to get out of clinic duty on the show. It is a reoccurring theme on the show. Several story arcs throughout the series have come from him either trying to get out of working in the clinic or being forced to work in said clinic. This is one of those times where he was forced to do his duty and encounters a patient that, for some reason, connects with him after she had been raped. This episode digs deep into not only the victim but she brings House out of his shell if only for a fleeting moment. It is compelling and a must watch.




Half-Wit (S 3 – Ep. 15)



Hugh Laurie is a talented musician and the producers and writers tried to incorporate that fact as much as they could. (On a side note, Hugh has a blues/jazz album that came out last year. It is darn good. You should check it out!) Another thing that the show did was get outstanding guest stars to appear on the show. Dave Matthews is the guest star that is the subject to House’s team. Dave plays an idiot savant who is starting to lose his ability and they are forced to make a decision to cut into his brain. Again it is spot-on, on all levels.




It’s a Wonderful Lie (S 4 – Ep. 10)



I always enjoyed the holiday episodes of the show. So I figured I should include one. I chose this one for the list because the subplot with the woman in the clinic is cute.




House’s Head/Wilson’s Heart (S 4 – Ep. 15-16)



The two-part finale for season 4 is among the best episodes the show has had. The first episode opens with House regaining conciseness in a strip club. We find out he had been on a bus that crashed. He knows he noticed a medical issue with someone on the bus but can’t remember who or what it was he saw. He takes increasingly riskier steps to jog his memory. He remembers at the end of the first episode that it is Amber, Wilson’s girlfriend and House’s former employee, who he noticed the medical condition. In the next episode House continues to try unconventional methods to remember what he saw that was cause for alarm. He finally does recall what it was that he saw and why it was an issue.




Both Sides Now (S 5 – Ep. 24)



I should just put all of season 5 on the list, but I will just put the culminating episode instead. This was the season with House’s decent into madness. He begins hallucinating because of all the Vicodin he has taken and the hallucination takes the form of Amber. The whole situation is played out perfectly and in this episode he finally has the realization he needs help.




The Tyrant (S 6 – Ep. 3)



This episode is on here for one reason and that reason can be summed up in three simple words: James Earl Jones.




The Down Low (S 6 – Ep. 10)



Again this is another favorite because of the subplot. This time the subplot deals with House and Wilson vying for the affections of their attractive new neighbor played by the very beautiful Sasha Alexander. House uses the fact that she thinks he and Wilson are a gay couple to try and put the moves on her. It is a riot.




Baggage (S 6 – Ep. 20)



There is a moment in this episode while House is in his shrinks office (the good Dr. is played by the phenomenal Andre Braugher ) and in the span of only a few seconds Hugh conveys a myriad of emotions with just his face. It is a Master Class moment of acting. True genius my friends.




Twenty Vicodin (S 8 – Ep. 1)

The start of House’s final season has him in prison for crashing his car into Cuddy’s house in the previous season’s finale. This is another episode that shows just how good Hugh is at his craft.




Body and Soul (S 8 – Ep. 18), The C Word (S 8 – Ep. 19), Post Mortem (S 8 – Ep. 20), Holding On (S 8 – Ep. 21)



The four episodes leading up to the series finally really have out-performed any expectations I have had for this season. The story arcs have been worked perfectly leading into the finale. This show is really going out on its own terms. How it will end, well, we will find out tonight. I know I will be tuned in and will have a big box of tissues next to me.




The other six episodes in my top 21 are:

All In (S 2 – Ep. 17)
House vs. God (S 2 – Ep. 19)
Mirror Mirror (S 4 – Ep. 5)
Frozen (S 4 – Ep. 11)
Broken (S 6 – Ep. 1)
Unwritten (S 7 – Ep. 3)



Honorable mentions go to every other episode of the show.



There it is, for better or worse. That is my list of favorite Episodes of House.









Let me know…



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