TAMN - LOGOI would like to welcome you to my humble little site. I am a lover of all things consumable media wise and am the go to guy for advise in such areas with my friends. I decided to start this place so I could write about the things that I watch, listen to and enjoy.

One of several features on the site will be “5 Or More…”. It is a list of 5 or more movies of a genre, actor’s films, actors, T.V. shows or whatever I pull out of my head at the time. The idea came from always being asked “what is your favorite….?”, be it movie, T.V. show, or musician, I find that question is one of the hardest things for me to answer. So I started this to get out in the world what things I like and why.

Thank you for stopping by and checking things out. Feel free to comment and lend your thoughts to the conversation!



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