He Might Be Giant


I would like to introduce you all to my good friend, let’s refer to him as, ‘He Might Be Giant’. Why you ask? Well, he kind of is a giant; all 7 feet of him! He’s a great nerd and an even better friend. Here’s a bit of an intro to give you a sense of who he is and what he will be bringing to us in his own words:


He Might Be Giant

He Might Be Giant


I just wanted to say Hello to all the current and future readers of TAMN.  I am very excited to be part of this family and contribute to your choice in entertainment.  My reviews will be a little bit different than Scuzz or the Nerd. How? I tend to watch movies that are fairly unheard of or off kilter in some way.  The way I will be scoring the films that I look at is a five way system:


Crap (Avoid this at all costs)

Watch it once

Rent it

Buy it on Blu-Ray

Make all of your friends watch this with you


Now without further ado, on to the reviews. Allons-y!



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