By Scuzz



I have decided to jump in with my compadre on Music Monday. My contribution will be random albums that I feel are great albums. See I am always on a search for albums that a person can sit down and listen to all the way through and not skip any tracks. To me that makes a great album. I feel that it can vary from person to person but I also feel that there are some albums that come extremely close to being universal for everyone. I now introduce my first one:


Atmosphere “God Loves Ugly”


Atmosphere is an independent rap group based out of Minneapolis, MN. Atmosphere is predominantly comprised of two people Slug doing lyrics and Ant doing the beats. This is not your typical rap that most people are used to hearing. There is a mixture of your typical beats but with those beats there is also some really great samples of blues songs, beautiful piano music and many other instruments that make the music phenomenal. As for the content of the lyrics…? Well Ant pants pictures of growing up in the Midwest, relationship problems, and the struggle of being alive.


The album that is part of my Great Albums choice is “God Loves Ugly”. In this album the rollercoaster ride that the music and lyrics take you on isn’t bumpy but smooth and walks you through a ton of different aspects that I have indicated of Atmosphere above. There are fun songs as well as serious songs. I really do not know what else to say about this album other than I believe it is really a great album.  I highly suggest a listen. No matter what you normally listen to.


(Don’t be a snob…love all music and don’t be afraid to try something new)





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