Damn Yankees




In 1989 Tommy Shaw from Styx, Jack Blades from Night Ranger, Ted Nugent from, well, being Uncle Teddy, and (at the time) little known drummer Michael Cartellone (he of course join the legendary band Lynyrd Skynyrd) got together and formed the supergroup Damn Yankees; and high school dances in the early 90’s would forever be changed. Their self-titled first album went double-platinum and produced four Billboard Rock top 10 hits. Their sophomore effort didn’t fare as well. Granted it went gold and had three songs that hit the top 10 but general was much less popular than their first go around. Despite having a song use in the Jean-Claude Van Damme “classic” ‘Nowhere to Run’.

Damn Yankees

Damn Yankees

Why you may ask is Damn Yankees being featured today on Music Monday? Fair question. The answer is twofold. First fold; it is prom season and one of the songs to follow is a prom staple for me. The second fold; another one of their songs has been stuck in my head for DAYS… it needs to get out. So, ladies and gents, enjoy some 90’s hair rock.


High Enough

Oh the hair… So much hair… This is one of the preeminent power ballads and a staple at my high school dances. I slow danced to this one more times than I can remember. Also it has Ted Nugent dressed as a priest at the end of the video reading the chick her last rights. I mean come on…. What’s not to like?



Come Again

The vocals and guitar work in this one are superb. It is just an all-around enjoyable tune.



The Silence Is Broken

This is my favorite song from their second album. It also happens to be the one used in ‘Nowhere to Run’, as mentioned above. Doesn’t it sound like it should be in a cheesy JCVD movie?



Coming Of Age

And now the main reason we are here today. This damn song has taken up residency in my brain and I can’t evict it. I even have a court order. But like Uncle Teddy, it just won’t give up and gets crazier with time. I do like this song. I miss songs like this. It is one of the reasons I love Poison, Warrant, Slaughter and many other Hair Bands from the era; the music was just fun. You could party with music like this. You could turn this up, sit back and have a few drinks in the middle of nowhere with a tire on fire. Wow, that really came off as old manish ‘back in my day’ type stuff. Sorry about that… but it’s true 😉




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