Glen Campbell



Glen Campbell has one of the most pristine voices in music and he always brings the right emotion at the right time when he sings. I grew up with country music and Glen Campbell was in the Pantheon of country greatness for me. I respect him for the all-around success and respect that he brought to himself and to country music. Unfortunately Alzheimer’s disease is slowly taking this great artist away from us and he is currently on a farewell tour before his mind is taken completely from him. It may be taking his mind, but it damn sure hasn’t faltered his voice. I saw him sing not too long ago on a talk show (Can’t recall which one) and he still sounds like he did 30+ years ago. I am sad that I never got the chance to see him perform live, but I will always have his music with me.



Rhinestone Cowboy


One of his most famous songs and it is one of my favorites. It tends to get stuck in my head when I am driving for some reason.  And I have been known to break this one out at karaoke from time to time.







This was his 3rd #1 song and his 7th #1 album and it also topped the Adult Contemporary charts. Hearing the song, who didn’t want to make the trip down to southern Texas?





Gentle on My Mind


This defiantly wasn’t his highest charting hit (The highest it got was #8 on the AC chart upon its rerelease in 1968) it never cracked the top 30 on the country charts but it is memorable (because it was a good tune) because it was used as the theme song to his variety show “The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour” that was on the teevees from ‘69-‘72.


(Who ever made this video did a wonderful job. The photos are gorgeous.)





By the Time I Get to Phoenix


I have made trips to Phoenix twice in my life and both times I could NOT get this song out of my head. Although it isn’t as bad as when I go to Kansas City. I will get ‘Kansas City Lights’ by Steve Wariner jammed into mah brains and it’ll be on a constant loop for hours and hours and HOURS while driving there. But that doesn’t detour from the fact that both are excellent songs to be enjoyed… in moderation of course.





Southern Nights


This is another very catchy tune that will get embedded in your head. You can tell this was recorded in the middle of the 1970’s; it really has that feel to it.





Wichita Lineman


This was his 2nd #1 hit and rocketed Glen to international fame. It remains one of his biggest hits and best-selling studio albums being certified ‘2× Multi-Platinum’. In 2000 this tune was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame. Wichita Lineman is so hauntingly beautiful… It is one of my favorite songs of all time.





Here is the original “Promo Film’ from 1969. They didn’t call them videos back then but that is what it is. Unfortunately it abruptly starts and ends, but never the less it’s a great glimpse into the past. Enjoy!!





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