Hard ‘n Phirm



Hard 'n Phirm

Chris Hardwick & Mike Phirman

The comedy duo of Chris Hardwick and Mike Phirman has been making great, funny, nerdy tunes for many years now. The chemistry between the two on stage and screen is unmistakable. You can tell they are best friends. Most know who Chris Hardwick is… he is the founder of Nerdist Industries the home of all things nerdtatic. Mike Phirman is a brilliant musician and has great comedic timing. Together only good things can happen.


Here are a few of their videos and some fan made ones. Please enjoy!!



This is their tribute to the numerical representation of the mathematical constant Pi.




Trace Elements

Like country music? Like science? Well put those hands together and you get this Hard ‘n Phirm classic.




El Corazón

More science…. But this time in Spanish…




Not Illegal

This tune is their homage to the ‘School House Rock’ songs from years gone by.  Plus this fan video is just brilliant.





I know I enjoy the songs of Radiohead. I enjoy the songs of Hard ‘n Phirm. I also enjoy firefly. This fan made video takes the folk-i-fied medley H’nP did of RH and put it to clips of Firefly and Serenity. What can be better than that?




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