Harry Chapin





Driving through New York City there was only one radio station I would have on; Sirius Radio channel 32 ‘The Bridge’. For me it wasn’t even a choice. Music is always with me, as a soundtrack for my life and the smooth sounds from ‘The Bridge’ were the only ones I wanted to hear while I drove through the crowded streets of NYC. Be it a dark, dreary, rainy night driving through Manhattan with Billy Joel’s ‘New York State of Mind’ playing or Simon & Garfunkel singing about ‘Cecilia’ it was just fitting. But early in the morning while the city was stumbling home after a long night of debauchery, while I was headed to work, steam flowing up from under the streets, one voice always seemed… well, right. That voice belonged to Harry Chapin. Yet another beautiful artist lost long before they should have been. I posted one of his songs before but here are a few more that always will remind me of those early Sunday morning drives in NYC.



Sunday Morning Sunshine

Speaking of Sunday mornings. This is song didn’t chart as high as his others but was still a great tune. It has that nice, easy flow to it. Enjoyable every time. Who doesn’t like songs about love?





This is my second favorite song about a fictional radio station. My favorite, was the inspiration for my favorite, WKRP. This song was one of the things that inspired Hugh Wilson to create WKRP in Cincinnati.




Cat’s in the Cradle

By far Harry’s most famous song and his only number one hit. A beautifully constructed song and if you aren’t a cynical douche-bag the lyrics should hit home on some level. Throughout the years this song has become a punch line. Is it a bit ‘on the nose’? Sure, but that shouldn’t detract from the songs message. Love and be present. Take time and make time. Harry’s own life is a testament to the adage: you never know when your time is up.





This is the predominate early morning drive song for me. For some reason it would always happen to come on the radio whist I was on my way to work. Just a great story tune. This happens to be the original industrial video used to promote the song and album back in the day.





Just because I can, I am including the follow up to Taxi. Only fitting.





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