Huey Lewis and the News




Now this, among a myriad of things, makes me feel old; Huey Lewis and the News’ album ‘Sports’ turns 30 this year. 30! Huey was 33 when ‘Sports’ came out which means he turns 63 in July of this year. WTF? Where has the time gone?


Huey Lewis and the News

Huey Lewis and the News

I remember that HLatN was everywhere back then. Just about every time you turned on the radio one of their songs was playing on the radio.  ‘Sports’ had 5 charting singles on it, 4 that hit the top 10, and it was certified 7x platinum just in the US. The follow up ‘Fore!’ continued the success with 5 top 10 hits, 2 number 1 hits and it was certified 3x platinum. Oh yeah, in between those two albums they had their first #1 hit off the ‘Back to the Future’ soundtrack. It lost the Best Original Song Oscar to ‘Say You, Say Me’ by Lionel Richie from the ‘White Nights’ soundtrack.

Needless to say HLatN has had a long and storied career. I can always throw on their music and be happy. Which for me is the hallmark of a good band. Here are a few of my favorites. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


The Heart Of Rock & Roll

This was the song that produced the only Grammy win (to my knowledge) for HLatN. It won the Grammy in 1985 for Best Music Video, Long Form. It was a great video and a great tune.




If This Is It

I always looked forward to their music videos. And this is one of my favorites. Can you guess why?




Hip to Be Square

I defy you to not smile when this song comes on!




Stuck with You

This song invades my head like Genghis Khan; with no warning, without provocation, and then rules with an iron fist for decades. Oddly, I don’t mind. Plus the video had Pierce Brosnan’s wife Keely Shaye Smith in it. I wonder if the song played at their wedding….




The Power of Love

You couldn’t go anywhere the summer of 1985 without hearing this song. It was the group’s first #1 hit and like I said before was nominated for an Oscar. The cool thing is that Robert Zemeckis called Huey and said that Marty would be a fan of HLatN and asked if he would write a song for the movie. Huey said, well we are working on something right now and you can use that. Wammo, presto, boom… we got this…




Back in Time

You can’t listen to that without then thinking of this… at least I can’t.





Doing It All for My Baby

Great song and great video. This was the 80’s. Back when videos would tell a story. They were mini movies, short films. Really it is a lost art form. This is one of my favorite songs of theirs and definitely one of my favorite videos of all time.





No ‘and the News’ on this one but I need to include it on the list. This is from the 2000 movie ‘Duets’ and is a cover of the Smokey Robinson hit from 1979. The movie is a buddy road trip flick with the central focus on karaoke. It stars Huey Lewis, Maria Bello, Andre Braugher, Paul Giamatti, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Angie Dickinson. If you haven’t seen it, check it out. I rather enjoyed it.




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