Jesse Ruben



A little history about Jesse Ruben and I. A couple of years ago I was driving to work very early in the morning and as always, I had my radio keeping me company. A song came on the channel I was listening to. I was gently shaken out of my morning haze by what I was listening to. The song sounded familure but nothing I had ever really heard before. So I started to pay attention to it. Then I realized that the dude on the radio was doing a cover of ‘If I Only Had A Heart’ from The Wizard of Oz. I hit the info button on my radio and saw that his name was Jesse Ruben. So when I got to work I went on a search to find more about this guy.

I ended up downloading both of his albums from Amazon, but I could not find that song. So I went to his website. Still nothing. Just crappy cellphone captures of him doing the song live. I decided to send him an email and ask him (or whoever was in charge of his website) where I could get a copy of that tune. I explained to him how I heard it and the subsequent downloads etc…

About an hour later I got a reply in my email. It was a thank you from Jesse Ruben himself. He thanked me for listening to his music, and for the support of buying his albums. And the kicker he sent me the studio copy of ‘If I Only Had A Heart’! Needless to say that day he got a fan for life.

I am attaching a couple of videos. There is the title track to the post as well as a cell phoned live version of ‘If I Only Had A Heart’. Enjoy!










If I Only Had A Heart






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