John Conlee





For the vast majority of my life when I go to bed I do so with either the TV or a radio on. It helps distract my brain from the many thoughts running around inside of it. Plus it comforts me; it is like having a friend in the room with me. Some of my earliest memories are of lying in bed at night listening to the classic country music (well it wasn’t classic then, it was contemporary) coming from the small radio beside my bed. The country artists would sing me to sleep every night. One voice in particular always stuck with me.

John Conlee’s voice has always brought me comfort. Listening to him and his music is like hearing a story from a lifelong friend. I grew up listening to his music but it wasn’t till I was grown up that I truly became a fan.

I know country music isn’t for everyone. It is usually the butt of a lot of jokes. But it shouldn’t matter. People like what they like. I don’t only listen to country. The first two presets on my Sirius Radio are channel 31 ‘The Coffeehouse’ and channel 32 ‘The Bridge’. I like what I like, so should you, like what you like; let the naysayers be damned! For your consideration, here are a few of my favorite John Conlee songs so you can try them out.




Backside of Thirty

I for the last couple years I have always joked that I am now living a John Conlee song, and this is the one I am referencing. The majority of the song rings true; I am on the back side of 30, I live alone, and sometimes I feel like I am at the bottom with no will to climb…




Rose Colored Glasses

Country music has a reputation with the “mainstream” world, that all it is about is losing your house, your wife, your dog and pickup truck. Yes, there are a lot of country songs about love/loss and everything that goes with it. Other types of music talks about the same types of things. The difference with country music is that it strips away any metaphor or pretext and gets straight to the heart of the matter. (Ok now I have that song stuck in my head.)




Lady Lay Down

This is the song that triggered this whole post. I heard it the other night as I drifted off to dreamland. Definitely a favorite of mine.  And also his first number one hit.




Common Man

This song always brings a smile to my face. Some people don’t like fancy things. Some just want a beer and drive a pickup truck and for you to love them the way they are.




Miss Emily’s Picture

I love this song. But it is one of those ‘typical’ country songs everyone pokes fun of. Someone once referred to this type of song as “sad bastard music”. Yes, it is a sad song, but it is honest. It is just a man trying to live his life without the woman he loves.




Friday Night Blues

I think this might be his most widely known song. Another great relationship tune, albeit more so the 50’s nuclear family ideal of a marriage; husband works, wife stays home takes care of the house and kids. No matter which way you slice it, it can be applied to any and all. Sometimes one person in the relationship wants to go out and have fun and the other just wants to kick off their shoes and have a quiet night in.




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