Leftover Cuties




I know you’ve heard this group… you can’t avoid their catchy tune that is being used in the new Samsung commercial. That thing is being played on a continuous rotation and it is infectious. But they are more than just that one song. They have a great throwback jazz-pop feel of days gone by… Call them ‘Modern Vintage’ if you will. They put a little something extra into their music that sets them apart. Not to mention how truly sexy Shirli McAllen’s voice is….. And I defy you to not smile when a ukulele is playing! 🙂



Smile Big


This is the song from the commercial… I warn you, it will get stuck in your head.





Game Called Life


This one is the theme song for the TV show ‘The Big C’. I have always like this one.





Poker Face


This is of course a cover of Lady Gaga but it is one of those tunes, while popular in its original version, the covers of it have a life of their own. This happens to be one of my favorite of the Gaga covers.





Happy Song


The name speaks for itself!





When You’re Smiling


Kudos to whoever put together the video, it is quite cute.







This just makes me happy 🙂





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