Metallica: A Twofer




It is ‘Music Monday’ but this one is a little bit different. I stumbled upon a trailer for an interesting film. It is a concert documentary with a through storyline about Metallica’s roadie Trip who gets sent on an important mission. Being an errand for Metallica, nothing is simple and it turns out to be a big adventure.



The film looks interesting and a must see if you are a fan of Metallica. (Look for it in August of this year) I know I have always enjoyed their music, so today I am sharing the trailer for the movie and a few of my favorite songs from the band. Take a look and let me know what ya think!





For Whom the Bell Tolls

This is one of the first Metallica songs I ever heard. I had no idea what I was listening to, but I really liked it.




Nothing Else Matters

The S & M album and their self-titled ‘Black’ album (I could include every song from that one) are two of my all-time favorites. This combines both those. S & M worked on all levels. From the wonderful San Francisco Symphony conducted by the brilliant Michael Kamen, may he rest in peace, to the music itself. Heavy rock lends itself to orchestral arrangements. They rode the lightening right into the bottle with this one. Brilliant.





Fast, furious, and a theme song used to get you pumped up for a myriad of activities. It just gets the blood pumpin’!




Whiskey in the Jar

This song gets stuck in my head. It has a great guitar riff. And damn it, it is catchy. I like Garage Inc., they picked some good songs to cover. My other favorite from that album is ‘Turn the Page’. Great tune.




St. Anger

People have jumped on Metallica and have said that after their self-titled album they sold out, they cut their hair and their music was crap. I think that is bull. People grow and change. Every band who has been together for as long as they have like to try new things and grow as a band. Granted not everything worked, but not everything worked on some of their early stuff either. This tune is classic Metallica with a new edge to it. I love it.




I Disappear

I love this song and I really love this video. Enjoyed the movie too. A great song to round out the list. Enjoy!




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