No More Kings



These guys are pretty awesome. They are a geek/nerd rock band with a great sound and a great attitude. The lead singer Pete Mitchell is a man after my own heart. You need to follow them on Twitter and the Facebooks. These are people I would love to hang out with on a regular basis.


Sweep The Leg


This is their breakthrough song and video. This video is a great nostalgic trip for all the children of the 80’s.





Michael (Jump In)


Again a great tune filled with 80’s referential goodness.





Africa (Acoustic)


Yes, this is exactly what you think it is; NMK covering Toto’s classic ‘Africa’ acoustically. As I have said many times, I love acoustic music… this one ranks as one of my favorites. This showcases how talented these fellas really are.





About Schroeder


A short, cute and touching love song; I think you will enjoy this.





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