Shuffle 3: Snowy Day Mix Tape




Half the country is experiencing some sort of wintery weather. So on this snow day I figured I would load up the old media player with all my tunage and hit shuffle once again. I figured I would bring a little random into our musical life. Not unlike what Mother Nature is doing with the weather outside. Here are the first five songs that happened to pop up. I hope these will help you make it through this weather filled Monday.



Rodney Atkins – Take A Back Road

If I tried to do this right now I would be stuck beyond stuck. Actually if I tried to drive on any road right now I probably would get stuck. But this does make me long for those warm summer days where I jump in my truck and cruise the dirt roads. That has to be one of the most relaxing things there is. Come on summer… get here now!




Michael Jackson – Man in the Mirror

No matter what you thought of the man, you can’t deny his unbelievable talent. That man could move like no other human being on this planet. You are missed Michael but you will never be forgotten.




Stephen Stills – Love The One You’re With

The immensely talented singer/songwriter and instrumentalist really did a great job with this tune. Not to mention he not only did he write and sing the song he also played guitar, organ, steel drum, and percussion on the track as well. Much respect.




Enya – Only Time

At the turn of this century, this song was EVERYWHERE… From commercials to being used by NBC for promos between seasons 7 & 8 of Friends. That was the Chandler and Monica wedding/Rachel pregnancy cliffhanger. It helped the song to #1 on Billboard’s Hot AC charts and #10 on the Hot 100.




The Zealous Friars – Runaway

I will sing the praises of these guys till my voice is gone. I featured them on a previous ‘Music Monday’. I love their sound and from the interactions I have had with them on Twitter (@zealousfriars), they are stand up fellas. Love these guys, I hope they make it huge!!!




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