Soundgarden – Live To Rise



As I was sitting watching the credits, after finally getting to see The Avengers, I heard the unmistakable voice of Chris Cornell. I thought to myself “Sweet! A new Chris Cornell tune and it kicks ass. I really could listen to that guy sing a phone book. I want some beef jerky….” Anyway… I pulled out my phone and hit that app we are all familiar with that tells you what song you are listening to. I use it as a reminder. I will use it to catalog a song to remind me to look it up when I get home.


To my surprise to didn’t come up with Chris Cornell but rather Soundgarden! When I got home I looked into it and sure enough, they are back together and have their first studio album set to release later this year. I can’t wait to take a listen to it. Till then this will have to tide us over.






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