Sugarland – Stay



You go through life and you hear songs, you may even really listen to them, and overall you really like them but you never actually get to know the true emotion behind the song. That is what happened with me and this one. I like Sugarland. I like Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush; I think they work well together. Moreover I have always enjoyed this song since it came out in 2006. I even listened to it but up until the other day I had never seen the video. At that point I understood every emotion Nettles poured into this song because it came out in the video. It is a simple video, only the two of them on a dark stage, with Kristian playing guitar and Jennifer singing; rather she is exercising demons. Even though she is fully clothed, she is completely naked in front of the camera. It is raw, it is true and it is beautiful.





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