The Sundays



I’ve heard this group a few times on Sirius’ Coffee House channel and didn’t put it together that this was the alt band from the early 90’s. I really like lead singer Harriet Wheeler’s voice and she is stunningly beautiful (BONUS!). The Brit Alt Rock band got its start in the late 80’s releasing only three albums before they took a break from music to focus on family. That break started in the late 90’s and goes on still. They packed some great music into those three albums. It really epitomized the alt rock sound of that era… alt rock with a female lead anyway. I do wish they would have gotten little more attention, their music is good. I know I love it.



You’re Not The Only One I Know

This is a one of their B-sides. I really enjoy it. Like most of their music it has a peaceful ease about it.





This was their highest charting hit in the UK where it reached #15. The album ‘Static and Silence’ hit #10 on the UK’s album charts.





Here’s Where The Story Ends

This is when US listeners might recognize The Sundays. From their first album ‘Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic’, this tune hit #1 on the US Modern Rock chart but only stayed there for one week. Oddly it was never released as a single in the UK.






This was the follow up to their #1 hit and the first release off their second album ‘Blind’. This one peaked at #2 in 1992. Save for the creepy doll in the video it is a great song.





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