Thomas Nicholas Band



Thank you Twitter for this. I woke up today and I had a new follower on Twitter. It was none other than Thomas Ian Nicholas! Yes that Thomas Ian Nicholas from the American Pie movies, Rookie Of The year, Party of Five… Come to find out there is much more to the man than what I knew.


The talent runs deep in this one. He is a singer, songwriter and plays guitar. I went to his website and started watching the music videos his band has done. I really dig the sound. Lyrically they are well crafted songs and I know I want to hear more. I think you will too!!


Thomas you have a new fan.



Wasting My Time





You Don’t Know (Acoustic)


I really like this acoustic version. Which shouldn’t be a big surprise, I can say that about most songs 🙂





Without Warning


This was the first music video that they did. It is good.





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